For Sewing Beginners

Many people think of making their own clothing. They can express their own sense of style. There are a number of sewing patterns that can be used to make cloths as well as some nice fabrics.


Sewing Patterns for Beginners


A sewing pattern will allow a person to make their clothing. There is a lot of information about sewing including the skills that are needed, a description of the clothing, illustrations, measurements for the body, and suggested fabric. There are also complete instructions including the pattern and how to make the garments. A person will even learn the proper way to cut the fabric.


How to Select a Pattern


Learn the terms of sewing when selecting a pattern. The terms can be found on the pattern pages. Find a pattern that is quick and easy. Something simple is recommended for beginner.


Be sure to check online to read reviews from other sewers about the pattern.


Look for a pattern that only required a couple of pieces to sew together.


Buy the first pattern from a place that can offer advice.


Be sure to find the pattern that is the correct size for the clothing that is being made. There is a book that can help with this called the How to Take Accurate Body Measures. This can be found on the Pattern Page.


Fabric Selection


The proper fabric can make or break the clothing. Use the fabric that is recommended to go with that pattern.


Patterns that are easy to sew will work with fabrics that are easy to use including cotton. Plain and knit fabrics are also recommended as long as there are no prints or distinctive markings on them.


When beginning avoid fabric that are cut on a bias as they tend to stretch.


There are some tools that are needed for sewing:


Measuring tape that is retractable


A yardstick


A seam gage


To cut the fabric:


Shears designed for dressmaking


A smaller pair of scissors


Paper scissors to cut out the patterns


A seam ripper


For the construction:


A pattern for tracing




A magnetic pincushion


For the sewing:


A sewing machine


Bobbins for the machine


High quality thread




An iron


An ironing board


A cushion for pressing


Pointers for Success:


  1. Read the pattern over several times. Think about each step. This can help avoid mistakes.


  1. Pin perpendicular to the seams. Pins are easy to take out. Pinning fabric together will help insure even stitches.


  1. Watch how to videos online.


  1. Join a Sew Along. This will help guide the sewer through each step.


  1. Get some techniques books and start sewing.