How to Discover Your Personal Style

Find Your Inspiration


Make a list of all of your top style icons and then use Google, Pinterest and even Instagram to gain inspiration from elements of their look. Don’t forget that you can mix and match parts of different looks – for example, you could pair the clean and minimal style of Jennifer Aniston with a touch of the femininity expressed by Lauren Conrad, with a little of hipster-chic in the vein of Alexa Chung. Taking your ideas from a host of varied sources is one of the best ways to determine the things that you like and the looks that you would prefer to avoid.


Have A Clear Out


It’s time to go through your closet and weed out anything you haven’t worn during the last year. Cleaning up in this way will allow you to start afresh, rebuilding a refined wardrobe that expresses the style that is a true reflection of you, your life and your career. If you’re struggling to decide whether to donate a particular item or keep it, always go with the donation option. Trust your instincts and the process will be much faster.


Be A Smart Shopper

smart shopping

When I first started working for E!, I had only been out of college for two weeks and I was scared to death! But the thing that worried me most wasn’t the fear of failure, it was about my wardrobe! Would my clothes be fashionable enough to fit in with the others? After all, I was shopping on a very low budget. To me, the obvious solution seemed to be money, but my disposable income for clothing was almost non-existent since I was working on a production assistant’s wage, right at the bottom of the pecking order. So instead of buying expensive pieces, I worked on experimenting with trends. I would look for bargains at discount retailers like Forever 21 and TJ Maxx, with my only splurges being on key pieces – a stylish coat, a quality handbag or a pair of good leather boots. If you pay a little attention, checking the zippers and hems, you can determine quite easily which cheap garments are going to last and which aren’t going to stay the distance.


Bear Your Lifestyle And Goals In Mind


Your ideal wardrobe should be geared towards your lifestyle and not be just a representation of your creativity and vision. What image do you want to show the world? Your style should be a reflection of your personality but it must be sensible in regard to your career, the way you choose to live your life, the town you reside in and in line with the long term goals you have set for yourself. Perhaps you’re looking for a more well-paid job, or perhaps you’re hoping for a success in a specific industry? If that’s the case, a few key smart and professional items would be appropriate. If your dream is to work in the fashion industry, a couple of on-trend garments would be a good idea, but be careful not to overspend – remember, high fashion is a short-term investment. On the other hand, if you work in a casual environment, sweaters and jeans would make a better wardrobe choice.


Confidence Is More Important Than Dress Size

No one knows nor cares about the size on your clothing tags, so don’t worry about squeezing into a tiny size – after all, we’ve all been guilty of taking two sizes of the same outfit into the changing room, hoping the smaller one will fit! Try to avoid that mindset as it shouldn’t be your size that gives you confidence, it should be the way your clothes make you feel. If you’re feeling your best, you are going to stand a little taller, smile a little wider and others will notice you. So wear the clothes that give you the greatest confidence in yourself.